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Founded by dance artists Ma Choi-wo, Victor and Yim Ming-yin, Mandy in 1995

Aims to explore the infinite possibilities of performing arts through dance and searching for new dance languages and artistic direction. After 21 years of establishment, Y-Space has been dedicated in developing both its roots in local culture and international vision. Its works have been presented in both major platforms and fringe spaces in Hong Kong and internationally

Y-Space has cultivated spaces for creativity in the local community and schools. International invitations and tours have taken Y-Space to 20 cities in 13 countries

Since 2009, Y-Space has curated i-Dance Festival (Hong Kong) and has invited artists from the United States, the Netherlands, Finland, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Croatia, Ireland, India, Russia, South Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan and so on. i-Dance Festival (Hong Kong) was established in 2004, and the i-Dance Festival network expanded to Taiwan (2011), Korea (2012) and Japan (2013)




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