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TSE Hue-ying, Diana

Cantonese Opera lead actress, scriptwriter, co-founder of the Hong Kong Xiqu Association, founder of Hong Kong Xiqu Troupe and Grand Xiqu. 

Tse Hue-ying obtained her Master of Philosophy from the School of Chinese of the University of Hong Kong. In 2014, Tse apprenticed with Shi Ji-hua, National First-class Performer of Shanghai Yueju Opera, and Wang Zhi-quan, National First-class Performer of Shanghai Kunqu Opera. Tse has written and performed in a number of plays including Emperor Huizong (Song Dynasty) · Li Shi-shi · Zhou Bang-yanThe Legendary Bond and Phoenix Courting. She received the Award for Young Artist (Xiqu) at the Hong Kong Arts Development Awards in 2015. 




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