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The Rainbow Fairy Cantonese Opera Laboratory

The Rainbow Fairy Cantonese Opera Laboratory established in 2003, is a non-profit registered organisation. It is dedicated to develop Cantonese opera to children and youngsters between four and eighteen years old.

In order to cultivate students to develop all aspects of singing and other skills, the school hires different professional instructors to teach Cantonese Opera knowledge to students including foundational skills, singing techniques, body-movement trainings, perscussion instrument practice, rehearsals and the like.

The Rainbow Fairy Cantonese Opera Laboratory carries on a large-scale show every year. Meanwhile, there are large and small regular performances for students to practise and gain more practical experience. Students can, therefore, improve themselves in an efficient and effective way by participating in performances. Our students win a lot of awards in the competitions of Cantonese opera every year.




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