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Renowned fusion band with the sheng, an ancient Chinese musical instrument, leading the organism’s process of sound-weaving together with sanxian, zheng, piano, electric organ, bass guitar and drums

Resulting musical tapestry flows seamlessly through the East and West, past and present while melting down borders between genres, juxtaposing disparate Hong Kong cultural elements

Concerts in 2010 and 2012 ever since its debut “Sheng It Up” in the 2008 Hong Kong Arts Festival and New Vision Arts Festival

Invited to stages and music festivals overseas with critical acclaim: Bordeaux Music Festival, France, Beishan Il trovatore Internationals World Music Festival, China, Huayi Festival, Singapore, Borneo Jazz Festival, Malaysia etc

Released three albums: Sonic Traveler (2013), KonFusion (2010) and Open Door (2008).




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