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Shiny Light Troupe

Candice SZETO is an actress of Cantonese Opera who play the male role on stage. Shiny Light Troupe was founded by Candice who aims in promoting and inheriting the traditional arts of Cantonese Opera.

The mission is to sort out the selected elegant tradition scripts and present the elegance of Cantonese Operatic arts through deep and refined performances. We often organize classic performance and set up training workshops in order to boost the acquaintance of audience and expand audience groups. The troupe also aim at develop opportunities for performance overseas.

As the Director of Shiny Light Troupe, she leads in an artistic and creative style. She believes weeding mediocre factors through tradition production in contemporary vision will display valuable performance. Her productions include The story of Princess Changping, Butterfly Lover, The Moon Pavilion etc. have been enthusiastically recognize by audiences.

Mr. SHANG Changrong of Shanghai Peking Opera acclaimed it was an earnest and exquisite performance.