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Sensational Sprouts Cantonese Opera Association

Through the staging of classic and famous Cantonese operas, performing original scripts and revamped scripts of Cantonese operas, the Troupe aims to inherit, develop, and promote the traditional and artistic Cantonese Opera, as well as to nurture local young Cantonese opera artistes. Ms Man Wah is the Troupe’s Chairman, scriptwriter and lead actor (specialises in playing male roles). She is also responsible for stage productions for the Troupe. During the 20+ years of work in the Troupe, her creation of original scripts is very fruitful, among which include Plum Blossom under the Lion Rock, The Dragon Story, Poon On, Yellow Stork Tower and Medical Sage Cheung Kei. Cheung Kei was bestowed an Excellence Award of Performing and Production of Original Script in the 2021 Hong Kong Gold Bauhinia Cantonese Opera Award while Yellow Stork Tower is a formulaic play which is a type of Cantonese opera not often written and performed in recent years.




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