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Founded by Orlean Lai, orleanlaiproject focuses on curating hybrid collaborations that explore new possibility of presentation formats and fuse the boundary of art forms and mediums.

She has curated “Zoo as Metaphor” (2014 at Oi!) which has attempted to adopt exhibition space for an experiential journey of narrative and performance. In the new edition “Zoo as Metaphor 2” (2018 at New Vision Arts Festival), the production has evolved from a crossed form of exhibition and performance into an experiential journey of social experiment. Lai has also produced Claustrophobia (2017), an intermedia collaborative performance with Vee Leong, Tam Wai-ping and Yuen Cheuk-wa that experimented with integrating installation, sonic writing, and soundscape into a parallel narrative performance; Songs of Portrait (2018) with Nerve and Cheuk Cheung which documentary expanded from the screen to live performance on stage, to something beyond opera.




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