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Ngai Ching Wan Cantonese Opera Troupe

Ngai Ching Wan Cantonese Opera Troupe, established in 1999, is dedicated to the preservation, promotion and development of Cantonese Opera. The Troupe has performed various full-length Cantonese Operas in different Hong Kong venues over the years. Vicky Ngai Ching Wan, disciple of the renowned late Cantonese Opera actor Lam Kam Tong, plays both the civil and marshal role in the Troupe. Vicky has partnered with many famous Cantonese Opera actresses such as Nam Fung, Wan Fai Yin, Wong Chiu Kwan, Lee Fung and Cheng Wing Mui etc. In 2017, Vicky hosted and performed in the new drama The Love Between Two Races and received acclaim for her performance.