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Miranda Chin Dance Company

Founded in 1989, the Miranda Chin Dance Company is dedicated to promoting Modern Chinese dance. Its vitality lies both in creativity and endeavours at opening up new horizons by blending the essence of eastern and western dance, and aspiring to reflect in modern dance the uniqueness of Hong Kong culture. Recent credits receiving high acclaim include Innovative Chinese Rhythms and Movements, Calligraphy Fantasia, Four Seasons, and Chinese Martial Arts Series. The company has been invited to perform in various arts festivals in the United States, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Korea, the Philippines, Malaysia and Thailand. In 1997, the company was toured in China and performed in Canada dance festival. In 2008 the company was invited by the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee to perform at the Beijing Olympic Games Center. The Company has been invited to present productions in various arts festivals held in the United States, Britain, Singapore, Korea, Malaysia the Philippines, Canada and Thailand.




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