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LI Yong-jing

Li Yongjing studied Modern Dance and graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts with Distinction in 2002, where she received her Master of Fine Arts in Dance in 2008. She is now a full-time Lecturer in Contemporary Dance at the same Academy.

After graduation, Jing taught the Modern Dance Diploma Program at the Guangdong Dance School until 2004. In April the same year, she joined the Odyssey Dance Theatre in Singapore as Artist in Residence.

In recent years, she has performed extensively abroad, such as in France, Germany, Singapore, Austria, Belgium, Macau, Korea etc. She also performed in various local and overseas dance organisations, such as Hong Kong Dance Company, Hong Kong Repertory Theatre, City Contemporary Dance Company, E-side Modern Dance Company and Dam Van Huynh Company etc.

She has profound experience in performance and choreography and her performances have received unanimous recognition. Her most recent choreographic works include Moment, The Moment I Saw It, Lost Squares, Afterimage, Human Factor, Sense of Distance, Beyond Restraint, Thoughts of Mind, Dreamer, and full-length work Creature of the Night etc.

She was awarded the Hong Kong Dance Award twice in 2001 and 2012 by the Hong Kong Dance Alliance for her outstanding performances in Interiors by Csaba Buday, and her choreography and performance in The Moment I Saw It.