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La P en V Innovative
Dance Platform

With Artistic Director and Choreographer Chong Chan-po, the Company aims to promote Chinese dance with high-quality original works integrating the Chinese and Western culture. Also committed to grooming local dancing talents for sustainable development of the art of Chinese dance

Believes that unique and creative artistic values, coupled with traditional Chinese culture and presented in contemporary aesthetics styles, will help nurture a Chinese dance culture with unique local flavours

Invited to participate in the International Festival Jazz Dance Open organised by the Pardubice, Czech Republic. Original works Naked Soul and Illusions in the Rain won the highest honour Jury Prize (1st place in both 2013 and 2015) and the Audience Prize (1st place in 2013 and 2nd in 2015)

Produced and choreographed full-length dance lyric Imprint of Life (2015) and Au-delà du Temps (2017); Its excerpt, Pulse, was invited to perform at the 2016 Wave Rising Series programme in New York




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