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Jingkun Theatre

Founder/Artistic Director/principal actress: Tang Yuen-ha

Tang received the Plum Blossom Award, China’s highest honour for theatrical performer; Award for Best Artist (Xiqu), Hong Kong Arts Development Awards (2008); Medal of Honour from the Hong Kong Government (2010)

Stage Director/Choreographer/principal actor: Geng Tianyuan

Geng received the Wenhua Award for stage director from China’s Ministry of Culture (1996); Best Actor Award at the 3rd Festival of Traditional Chinese Opera (Paris, 2007)

Performed in cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Paris, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, London, York and Aberystwyth

Major Productions: The Scent of China, performances celebrating the Reunification of Hong Kong with China (solely sponsored by Hermès); The Great Belfry, etc.




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