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Class 7A Drama Group Limited

Class 7A Drama Group is a professional theatre group from Hong Kong, founded in 1997 as a registered charitable non-profit organisation, and has been receiving yearly administrative grant from Hong Kong Arts Development Council since 2002.

With the aim “Back to Text, Simplicity with Style”, Class 7A Drama Group continues to produce professional performances based on outstanding texts in the last 20 years, and to develop Language Teaching or Chinese Culture related drama-in-education projects, which its achievements with “using applied theatre to teach classical Chinese” is highly admirable in the industry.

Class 7A Drama Group has produced more than 70 professional drama productions, including productions for major art festivals, such as Hong Kong Arts Festival, World Cultures Festival, International Arts Carnival, etc. Recently, overseas collaborations with theatre practitioners from Seoul, Busan and Incheon, etc. were highly acclaimed.

Class 7A Drama Group has received theatre awards in Hong Kong including Outstanding Performance of the Year, Best Music and Lyrics, etc. Also it has been nominated for Best Script and Best Actor/ Actress for several drama productions.




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