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CHENG Wing-mui, Susanna

Graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts with Advanced Diploma in Performing Arts (Cantonese Opera), the first huadan (female principal) in Hong Kong to receive this diploma

Received huadan training under two famous Cantonese Opera stars, Law Kar-ying and Lee Po-ying, as well as the revered percussionist Keung Chi-liang, which included dramatic postures and percussive points in Cantonese Opera

Received further training in Cantonese operatic singing under Lau Kin-wing, and martial arts and stylised movements under several Peking opera veterans, honing her crafts to be an all-rounded actor in the genre

Performed in multiple leading Cantonese opera troupes both locally and around the world. She was also invited to Berlin to participate in Berlin China Festival 2001 and to London for the Hong Kong Festival 2002




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