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CHAN Kwun-Fee

Chan Kwun-fee graduated in the School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong. As an independent trans-disciplinary artist creating mainly contemporary performance work, Chan is concerned with human conditions in contemporary world as well as the power relationships and social structure. Her works are renowned for the global visions and humanistic concern. Chan freely employs different media like text, performing bodies, space and technologies, with ethnographic research, to create live works that emphasises experiential and multi layers of narratives.

In 2014 – 2018, Chan investigated about refugee and war ethics issues in the renowned Border series which consists of three immersive theatrical plays. From 2019, she started the “Dream and Reality” series using sound installation as tactics to explore about sub-consciousness and collective consciousness. In the meantime, she is concerned with urban development issues by curating series of live works in real cityscapes.

Her work Kassandra, or the World of the End of Representation won the IATC Critics Award 2018 for “Performance of the Year” by the IATC(HK) and was nominated for Best Overall Performance, Best Director and Best Scenography at the Hong Kong Theatre Libre.




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