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Alice Theatre Laboratory

Devoted to experimental performances

Critically acclaimed productions from 2008 to 2014 included: Seven Boxes Possessed of Kafka (Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Macao and Taipei), Fear and Misery of the Third Reich (Hong Kong and Beijing), Beckett on Stage II: Reminiscence & TracesThe Maids1001 Nights of PasoliniOne Hundred Years of Solitude (Hong Kong and Beijing), Endgame (Hong Kong and Shanghai), Once the Muse Speaks (Hong Kong, Shanghai, Taipei and Beijing) and Hamletmachine (Hong Kong and Wuzhen)

Productions critically acclaimed and received multiple nominations and awards at the Hong Kong Drama Awards and Hong Kong Theatre Libre

Invited to perform in Mainland China, Taiwan and Macau for cultural exchange. Recently named one of the “five most watchable Hong Kong theater companies” by CNNGO




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