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Yu Ling Nung
Cantonese Opera

Founded by Yu Ling-nung (Tsui Sin-yan) who received opera training since the age of 10 and entered the professional stage after completing junior secondary education

Apprenticed under opera masters to learn principal skills and techniques in singing, movement, martial arts and acrobatics, as well as the ostentatious rituals and pantomime of the opera stage

Formed the East Sing Cantonese Opera Troupe (2000), and collaborated with stage veterans including Lung Goon-tin, Nam Fung, Lee Fung, Yau Sing-po, Liu Kwok-sum, and Yuen Siu-fai

Promoted to huadan (female principal) in 2005; Conducted touring performances and exchanges with opera academies and troupes both in Hong Kong and Mainland China

Received Award for Young Artist (Xiqu), Hong Kong Arts Development Awards (2009)




This Story

This Story portrays parents’ lifelong commitment to their children, which is one of the most important and revered moral codes in Confucianism as well as in traditional Chinese culture.

In a multitude of instances, selfless parents devoted themselves to nurture and cultivate their children in the hope that their loved ones would someday bring good to the society. A performance filled with the multitudes of emotions and joys and sorrows of life which speaks the true experiences of parenthood and unconditional love.