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Yeung Ming
Cantonese Opera Troupe

Founded in 2000, the troupe is well known for perfecting its opera productions. New elements are infused while rich heritage of opera traditions are preserved

Created opera piece Dream on Stage (2005) by combining opera and dramatic elements. The troupe has since then recreated three-dimensional revolving stage and a number of all-new designs in its performances. Its innovative work has impressed the younger generation with renewed views on Cantonese opera

Presented a series of comedy classics last year that successfully expanded the audience base by attracting many non-opera audiences

Established a new division for children that trains opera performers aged between 4 to 17 years old, with participants receiving numerous awards for excellence




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Refined [Purple Hair-pin]

The new generation of the classic piece Purple Hairpin is conceived to keep up with the times while catering to modern art aesthetics. This exquisite stage production is the combined efforts of Cantonese opera masters from Hong Kong, Foshan, Shanghai, Hangzhou and Guangzhou. These five groups of experts refined the traditional Purple Hairpin performance from four hours down to two and a half hours. No expenses were spared in designing the music, sets, lighting and costumes. The innovative approach of using a long piece of silk as backdrop allowed fast scene changes. With fusion of light and shadow, the love story of Purple Hairpin is presented on stage as never before.