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YANG Yuntao

Joined Hong Kong Dance Company (HKDC) in 2002 as Principal Dancer.
Promoted to Assistant Artistic Director (2007) and Artistic Director (2013)

Graduated from Minzu University of China. Dancer with the Guangdong Modern Dance Company, Beijing Modern Dance Company and Hong Kong’s City Contemporary Dance Company

Won numerous prizes at various national dance competitions in China; Hong Kong Dance Awards (HKDA) in 2003 and 2006; Award for Best Artist (Dance), Hong Kong Arts Development Awards (2009)

Number choreographic works for HKDC including Spring RitualEulogy (Outstanding Achievement in Production in 2013 HKDA; Presented in Beijing and Taipei in 2013), The Legend of Mulan (2014 Hong Kong Dance Award for Outstanding Production Outstanding Production and Outstanding Ensemble Performance, presented in New York and Sydney in 2015), The Butterfly Lovers (2016, presented in Seoul), Storm Clouds (Won 3 awards at 2015 HKDA) ,L’Amour Immortel (Won 3 awards at 2016 HKDA) and Chinese Hero: Alone Exile (Won 3 awards at 2017 HKDA)




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Dance Poem “Spring Ritual‧Eulogy”

Inspired by the two most acclaimed calligraphic masterpieces in the canon of Chinese calligraphic art, Preface to The Orchid Pavilion by Wang Xizhi and Eulogy for a Nephew by Yan Zhenxing, this dance poem explores the intricate relationship between the abstract beauty of calligraphy and literati ideals through an interplay of classical dance, Chinese music and the body’s rhythm.

Calligraphy takes up an important position in Chinese culture. In the canon of calligraphic arts, these two works are, without dispute, two of the most highly regarded works. However, what were the stories behind their creation?  How did these works come into being? This piece in which calligraphy flows into dance will provide an artistic and visually stunning answer.