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Enrolled in the Song and Dance Arts School in Beijing in 1998. Joined the Chinese opera and Dance Theatre, Guangzhou Song and Dance Troupe after graduation. Joined Guangdong Modern Dance Company (2005-2007) and toured internationally

Received full scholarship from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts and received Bachelor’s degree (2007-2009). Joined City Contemporary Dance Company before BFA graduation. Commissioned by Hong Kong Arts Festival Jockey Club Contemporary Dance Series (2012-2014, 2016)

Artist Residency in Korea’s Seoul International Dance Festival Dance Exchange, Singapore’s Contemporary Dance Festival CONTACT and d’MOTION International Dance Festival in Malaysia (2013), and Vienna’s Impulse Dance Festival danceWEB Scholarship(2014)

Choreographies include Autorun, Cube, Rush, Pied-a-terre, Outspoken (42nd Hong Kong Arts Festival), Nothing… But something (Hong Kong Dance Alliance and WDA showcase at Angers, France)

Recently completed Residency in Yale University as Arts Fellow of Yale China Association (Jan 2015 – July 2016)





A female voice speaking to herself, questioning and answering at the same time. A man dances with the voice, atomising himself, assuming different roles, shapes, and identities in relationship to the unseen woman. He uses water to draw a square on the floor and dances within. The square becomes a home or shelter in his imagination, but it evaporates quickly. He draws it repeatedly, as though trying to lend permanence to his memories. He begins to consider his own identity, which involves questions of dance, age, loneliness, and power. How does the personal become political? What do we need? Love? Escape? Validation? Sex? Companionship?

Created by Yang Hao during his residency in the Yale University as Visiting
Artist from Jan-July 2015, this work also features Jessica Rizzo and Christopher Ross-Ewart.