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WuJi Ensemble

“Wuji” in Chinese signifies “boundless”, “endless” and “continuously evolving”

Founded in 2003 with the credo of “Innovation” and “Strong stylistic identity”, Wuji is dedicated to creating a performing platform for local musicians, cultivating cultural insights and nurturing artistic accomplishments

Commissions new works and arrangements of existing repertoires in Chinese and Western music complemented with other theatrical elements

Opens up new paths for creative expressions with innovative configuration of Chinese instruments, flexible performing formats and potential in sustainable growth

Organised many large-scale multimedia performances and activities, and published two CD recordings: The Impression of Wuji Ensemble and Ruan’s Touch of Fancy




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Atmospheric Music Theatre-
“Beyond the Senses”

Beyond the Senses features the renowned Kunju artist Kong Aiping in her ground-breaking re-interpretation of classical Chinese poetry. Set against a serene garden, the main character Ru Yu wanders around and starts to recite and sing about the scenery around her. She eventually realises that what she sees and hears are but illusory and unreal, and slowly comes to realise the enlightenment and transcendence of life. On the stage, amidst the light strums of the pipa and voice, all enter into a realm of meditation and contemplation.