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WONG Mei-yuk, Rebecca

Wong graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (HKAPA) in 2003, majoring in Modern Dance. She was awarded the Hong Kong Jockey Club Music and Dance Fund Scholarship to further her studies at the Laban Centre in England where she received the Graduate Diploma in Performance in 2004. She was financially supported by K. K. Chak Memorial Scholarship and Hong Kong Association of University Woman and received a MFA degree at HKAPA in 2014

Wong has worked with various well-known local and international artists, and she has been choreographing since 2009. Her works include Hits or Miss, You Are Special, Right Here Right Now, I am here, In … Dark, and Baresthesia. A Hollowed Mind, commissioned by City Contemporary Dance Company commission, was presented in 2013. Wong presented Hollowed 2.0 in Malaysia and Macau in 2015




Hollowed 2.0

I am born of each page of the book of my life
In which the word “I” embodies the past
Memory captures every second and minute
In my head are endless memory cartridges
If all memories are gone
How much effort will it take to recover them?

In the book Before I Go to Sleep
Elements of dance and theatre are used to delineate the psychological states of the heroine and other characters
L’art de la simplicité – by Dominique Loreau
“She” is someone who cannot retain her memories
“She” is someone who is manipulated by others
“She” is someone who has a hollowed soul
“He” lies through and through
“He” controls completely
“He” is desperate to possess it all
The narrator leads the audience through scenes of