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Willy TSAO

Established City Contemporary Dance Company (CCDC) in 1979 and served as Artistic Director since 1989

Devoted to the development of modern dance in China, Tsao conducted intensive modern dance workshops throughout mainland China since 1995. In 2004, Tsao and the Beijing Modern Dance Company accompanied Hu Jintao, then leader of China, in his official visit to South America where 15 performances were performed

Currently leads three major dance companies: CCDC, Guangdong Modern Dance Company and BeijingDance/LDTX. As one of the most prolific Chinese choreographers of his time, Tsao takes inspiration from Chinese culture including philosophy, history, opera and even Chinese rock music. His works were presented at many international arts festivals over the past 30 years and won numerous awards. Tsao’s tremendous achievements and contributions to the development of contemporary dance are widely recognised




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