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Unlock Dancing Plaza

A unique modern dance company founded in 2002 with Ong Yong-lock as Artistic Director

Bold to innovate, keen to collaborate and interact with artists from different disciplines in search of the intricacies of life and beyond. By liberating the constraints of the stage, the Company strives to display new ways to appreciate and experience dance

Recent dance productions include Wanderer, Compartmentalized, serial dance-theatre Walls 44, 3D Museum in Motion, Hose of Dancing Water, Dance Moves, Kung Fu and Tofu, Chopin VS Ca and Love Sick. Its productions Phoenix III – Read the World with Your Heart, Wanderer and Boy Story Reborn received the Hong Kong Dance Award in 2009, 2015 (Outstanding Achievement in Independent Production) and 2016 (Outstanding Independent Dance Production) respectively

Committed to promote creative dance education through outreach activities and performances for communities and schools




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Set on the music of Ravel’s Bolero, choreographer Ong Yong Lock reveals the hint of reflection of blo VS old from bolero. We grow old because we were young. Regardless of what constraints that ageing presents, we all long for the joyfulness of life.

The piece will be developed from a 3-hour workshop recruited from local community or dancers. Based on the rhythmic and repetitive orchestral piece, this dance piece derives from structural improvisation of body movement with dancers and join-in participants.

The production had been well-received with various festivals in Asia including the Fukuoka Dance Fringe Festival (Japan, 2015), International Improvisation Dance Festival, International Comic Dance Festival and New Dance For Asia Festival (Seoul, 2015), M1 Contact Contemporary Dance Festival (Singapore, 2015), Asia Performing Arts Market (Setouchi Triennale, 2016), International Improvisation Dance Festival and International Comic Dance Festival (Seoul, 2017), International Improvisation Dance Festival (Jeju, 2017) and & The 5th BODY.RADICAL International Performing Art Biennial (Hungary, 2017).