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TSUI Yik-chit

Graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. Independent choreographer and dance artist. Previously a dancer for Y- Space (Hong Kong) and Visiting Artist for Body Acts (Beijing)

Started career with site-specific dance, creating works including site- specific dance series Beans (Beijing), Quanquan (Kubrick Café), video experiment series Video Installation?, Installing Myself I and Installing Myself II‚ short pieces Shan Zha Shu, Dandelion, Dream, Played by a candy wrap… and site- specific dance series Quanquan II (re-run)

Audience’s experience and interaction with the work form the core of her creative works which exposes the tension and vibration between human and life

Commission works presented and supported by the Hong Kong Arts Festival, Hong Kong Art Development Council, Leisure and Cultural Services Department, Hong Kong Dance Company, Hong Kong Repertory Theatre, etc




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Dehydrated Flower

Flowers, flourish and wither inevitably,
Yet human tries hard in capturing her best moment
Photography, paintings, poetry, fiction and music attempt to solidify time,
Yet the efforts are futile and incomplete at best
Just like some lifeless dried flowers.

Flowers and human are no different,
Mankind strives to capture and perpetuate fleeting moments.
Have we gone too far in pursuing a mere frozen second?
Is this the ultimate purpose — to keep things in a timeless state,
Or to seek the exuberant vitality of life within the sands of time
From birth, growth, ageing to death?