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Trinity Theatre

Founded in 1995 as a non-profit drama organisation and became an independent professional theatre company in 2005

Produces numerous performances related to Hong Kong and the things unique to the city. Trinity Theatre offers mainly original pieces including the 10-year annual comedy series Shall We Ha which accumulated a staggering 32 runs and 185 performances since 2002, Full Moon Love, My Beautiful Life and Those Were The Days which went for nine runs

Canton-pop song musical series Sing A Long was an instant hit when it premiered in 2008, and since then enjoyed multiple re-runs as well as adaptation into a radio play




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My Beautiful Life

B is still alive but wants to rehearse his funeral.

B has led an ordinary life. He received B+ for every subject at school. Then he grew up and secured an average job with a stable income. Though he still could not afford a flat, he at least had some savings. B continued to live his B+ life until one day a number of simultaneous setbacks occurred. At his funeral rehearsal, B is finally able to get back in touch with his friends and himself once more. But the big question lingers on: for the rest of his life, should he try to strive against all the odds or simply continue with his B+ life?