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Theatre Ronin

Founded by artistic director Tam Hung-man, Alex in 2006. Focusing on the ingenious concept of Theatre of Imagery, its theatrical works are marked by highly stylised scenic elements and sensitive portrayals of daily-life details

Always sharpening its theatrical “sword” and roaming freely on stage with wildly romantic imagination, scenes of humanity are frozen to preserve whatever beauty remaining in this world while the “aura” is fading fast

Dedicated to creating productions in contemporary theatre, and productions imbued with local cultural characteristics and inspired by Hong Kong literature. Past productions include: Playing with Xi Xi (Taipei,2017), Bear-Men (2017), rerun of Nature (Taipei,2016), Landscape In the Mist (Argentina,2016; third-run: Shenzhen, 2013; re-run: Beijing, 2012), Silent Scream – Mother Courage and Her Children on the Beach (Taipei, 2016), rerun of Sentimental K (Beijing, 2015), Wilderness of Soul 2.0 (Shenzhen, 2014), The Mariana Trench (third-run: Beijing, 2013) and P.E. Period 2.0(2012)




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Wilderness of Soul 2.0

Adapted from Wilderness by renowned Chinese playwright Cao Yu, the performance features an actress preparing on stage to perform the novel’s lead character Jin Zi.

From her first line, she is acting as the character and sometimes being herself to express her inner turmoils. In the space, different sounds, live music, and real-time recording with projected visual images interweave to represent sensations corresponding to the character. It is a “fake monodrama” presented through “post-dramatic theatre”.