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Theatre Noir Foundation

Established in 2012, the Company endeavors to develop arts education, theatrical performances and a variety of cultural programmes, in hope to entertain, enlighten and empower the society, and to fulfill the mission of “Making Dialogue with the Community”

Recent productions include Summer Musical Extravaganza 2015 – Through The Looking Glass, musical I’MPERFECT, Miss Rose–Romantic Musical “Behind a Desk”, My Daddy-Long-Legs and A Charles Dickens Christmas Musical




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With Love, William Shakespeare

Accompanied by originally composed songs and hilarious comedic antics, the musical reveals the timeless parallels between Shakespeare’s romantic wisdom and modern trials of love. This is a bittersweet comedy that invites audiences to consider the trials and tribulations of love through four love stories: the SWEET puppy love of Juliet and the target of her affection – Romeo; the sweet yet SOUR triangle of torn love between Orsino, Orlanda and Octavia; the SPICY flavors of Patrick and Kate as he attempts to tame the un-tamable shrew in the ultimate love battle of newlyweds; And Helen in her struggles to save a BITTER marriage with Demetrius from ending in divorce with a magical potion. Both Cantonese and English versions are available for this programme.