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The Radiant Theatre

Formed in 2009, The Radiant Theatre aims to integrate arts into daily lives through theatre and education, to promote arts to different social sectors, and to discover things people missed or touched in life. Current Venue Partner of Sha Tin Town Hall.

Produced many plays including Love Wanted, The Mixed Doubles, Un-woman and family musicals Ballaw Man, Fruit Punch Army, Magic Tofu Flower, Ninja Academy, Monkey Man and new series Starry. The Mixed Doubles was awarded Best Supporting Actress (Comedy/Farce) and Top Ten Most Popular Productions at the Hong Kong Drama Awards 2014. It was also nominated for Outstanding Actor and Outstanding Actress at the 2014 Hong Kong Theatre Libre. The musical Monkey Man was awarded Best Costume Design and Best Makeup Design at the Hong Kong Drama Awards 2017.




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Magic Tofu Flower (Re-run)

All the citizens of the city are troubled with nightmares and could not sleep well. It was rumoured that a witch familiar in cooking Chilly Tofu has cursed the whole city. Leung, a brave little boy, is determined to save the city by finding the “Magic Tofu Flower” and to fight with the witch!

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