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TANG Lok-yin

Tang received her Bachelor and Doctoral Degrees in Composition respectively at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts and the Chinese University of Hong Kong. She was a Fulbright Scholar and Asian Cultural Council scholarship recipient. Besides composing, she also engages in music production, arrangement, performance, educational undertaking and broadcasting

Recent commissioned works include The Great Evacuation,  Neutron Star, Nebula, The Sunflower, chamber work Sixty, Evacuation Order, and Tree Rhapsody commissioned by the Hong Kong Arts Festival

Achieves mastery in both Chinese and Western music, covering instrumental music, dance and operatic music. Her awards include First Prize at Asian Pacific Festival Young Composers Competition (New Zealand), Young Composer Award of Singapore Chinese Orchestra Composition Competition, Outstanding Prize at “Palatino” Chinese Piano Composition Competition, and the ACL Yoshiro IRINO Memorial Prize in Asian Pacific Festival




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Tree Rhapsody

Tree Rhapsody is a story about the relationships between a young boy, a dog and a tree. The dog and the tree are childhood friends of the boy, loyal, caring and selfless. As the boy grows older, he requires a lot more than mere childhood friends. Striving for his “ideal” life, the boy abandons the dog and leaves the tree, consuming everything around him.

In dealing with the trees, the boy enters another world. The boy finally comes back safe thanks to the ultimate sacrifice of the tree and his best friend… The boy realises that the most important things in his life had always been around. The story conveys a message about being loyal, caring and selfless, the universal values for children, adult and elders.