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Sky Bird Puppet Group

Founded by Yeung Ching-yee in 1979. The troupe is active in different cultural activities and nurturing of youngsters to engage in this art form.

Performs in four main Chinese traditional puppet types: string, hand, rod and shadow puppets, and collected nearly a thousand puppets.

Dedicated to the preservation and development of puppetry arts, training of local artists, creating puppet performances with Hong Kong characteristics.

Performs more than 20 programmes including Legend of the White Snake, The Monkey King Fights Red Child, Land God Fights the Devil. Earned rave reviews for performances in Russia, Turkey, Japan, Romania, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Fujian Quanzhou and Macau

Awarded “The Best Animation” , “The Best Traditional Show” and “The Best One-Man Show” in the World Puppet Festival




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The Chinese String Puppet Show ” Purple Hairpin in Lantern Festival”

Li Yi, the scholar from Longxi, travels to Chang’an for the imperial exam. During his stay in the capital, he heard of the beautiful courtesan Huo Xiaoyu. On the evening of the Lantern Festival, he and his friends roam around the city. Li picks up a purple hairpin by chance that belongs to Huo Xiaoyu, and so begins a beautiful story of love and devotion.

With this entertaining performance, there is a parade of acrobatics in the street to entertain the public. Under the skillful hands of Sky Bird and rich with characteristics of Guangdong as well as Fujian, the puppets come alive as parade band, children playing ball, and exciting performances including stick-turning, Chinese dance, donkey visiting relatives and lion dance.

Photographer © Sky Bird Puppet Group