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Santayana LI

Received Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree (Acting) and MFA (Playwriting) from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts

First written play, Journey to Home, was presented at the 2012 Hong Kong Arts Festival and hailed as “the most memorable local new original script 2012” by the media. Invited to participate as Playwright and Assistant Dramaturge in Thunderstorm, presented by Tang Shu-wing Theatre Studio and New Vision Arts Festival

Participated in Hong Kong Fringe Festival and Taipei Fringe Festival in 2013 to present solo performance, Killing the loneliness, directed by Chan Chu-hei.  Another play Ass Juice-Maker premiered in the same year

Invited again by the Hong Kong Arts Festival to present solo piece Paper Duck on the Run





Ass Juice Maker

“You may be poor, but the one thing that nobody can take from you is the freedom to mess up your life whatever you want to. Mess up your life… Whatever way you want to…”

An original Hong Kong play depicting the daily vicissitudes of four adults in Hong Kong’s lower social rung. A delivery person struggling to make ends meet; a book worm with plenty of degrees but little else; a nervous wreck who stutters; and a desperate customer service representative in a shopping district. These four characters toil day after day and converge at one point, leaving indelible impressions and changes on each other’s lives.