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Grounded on Zen values, Artistic Director Chan Wing-chuen introduces “Inner Peace in Movement” through drama productions by promoting traditional Zen virtues

Aims to present drama shows and workshops infused with an eastern aesthetic allure that address key social issues caused by worldly desires and troubles including unsettled familial relationships and adolescents’ struggle for self-identity

Focuses on style – engaging acting that connects text, space, actors and audience closely to create a poetic theatre experience, evoking imagination and emotions relating to audiences’ personal lives, initiating self-reflection

Notable productions include the drama Eight Hundred Years of Hatred, Eight Hundred Years of Healing (2011 & 2013), A Bright Dark Night (2014) and The Heart Sutra (2016). A Bright Dark Night was awarded Best Original Songs and Lyrics as well as nominated for Best Supporting Actress at the 24th Hong Kong Drama Awards in 2015 and was performed at Taipei in 2016 upon invitation by Huawen Original Musical Festival





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A Bright Dark Night

“When life hits you hard with a brick, my dear, live in the moment, dance and sing out loud with a big heart.”

In the visionary reinvention of musical, A Bright Dark Night, playwright and director Chan Wing-chuen brings three young people Keith, ShamLing and YauLam together with the audience into a journey to Tibet through a physical theatre combined with live painting, olfactory sensation and complicite work to transpire the Zen spirit inside each of our minds.

Under a starry night, witnessing the death of an antelope strikes a sentimental heart of the fragility of life. Being isolated and unconnected, three derailed souls catch each other in a quest for the defining moment of their lives that is dripping away in an ever-changing world.