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Piece by Piece

Established in 2011 by three artists from the performing arts, visual arts and musical sector including dramaturge Chan Wai-hung and Kenneth Tsang who graduated from Baylor University and received Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art (2006)

Aims to keep the style of brevity in their dramas while keeping in touch with the daily lives of people

Visits primary, secondary schools and grassroots sectors to set up appreciation workshops of arts




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The Dawn

In order to leave her father with streaks of violence, a young school girl left home. She lives with a young boy in her class and set up a small secret “paradise” of their own. Together, they live a new life of fantasy: he breaks in, fakes and forges, buys the grocery, eats what she cooks, derails together, rushes headlong for come what may – as long as he can make her mother change. And with this, he and she return to reality.

The story is about the situation faced by young people nowadays and the vitality and perseverance they showed when faced with challenges in life. The drama was first showcased in 2013, and is performed by two actors.