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Local non-profit dance organisation established in 1993 which later underwent restructuring led by Chow Pui-wan, Mak Sau-wai and a group of enthusiastic young artists in 2008

Grant recipient of the Hong Kong Arts Development Council Year Grant since 2016,  Passoverdance aims to foster the development of local art through discovering and creating performing arts with a focus on modern dance

Endeavors to explore the infinite possibilities in the art of dance, striving to present the purity and uniqueness in each piece of work, so as to create an in-depth dialogue and interaction between audience and the work itself




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Xin Xiang

The concept behind the dance piece is related to a traditional Chinese image, the “Tree'” as a symbol of existence and a representation of the philosophy of life: self-realisation, resilience and self-contentment.

“On the plum tree by the pool where I clean my inkstand, when the flowers blossom they all show a pale ink stain on them. I do not want people to praise their fine colours. I only want to fill the universe with a noble spirt.” by Wang Mian