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Pants Theatre Production

Founded in 1995 by Cheng Chun-chor, James Cheung, Chow Wai-keung and Wu Hoi-fai, Pants Theatre Production was restructured in 2012 with Wu Hoi-fai as Artistic Director and developed into a professional theatre company

Theatre Productions, Applied Theatre and Research and Preservation are three main pillars of the Company which has produced a number of remarkable theatre productions relating to various social issues

Advocates documentary theatre as an effective tool to turn meaningful materials into exciting theatrical works with artistic imagination. Recent critically acclaimed productions include 1967 (premiere and rerun), Sweet Mandarin, Gweilo, Estate Agents, My Dad, My Mom, My Son and My Daughter… and On the Record




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Renowned novelist Martin Booth grew up in Hong Kong in the 1950’s when his British navy officer father was assigned to the former colony. Diagnosed with brain cancer in 2002, Booth wrote a memoir of his journey into Chinese culture and the unforgettable relationship with a vanished Hong Kong.

Director Wu Hoi-fai and French-Finnish actor Micah Sandt, another Gweilo (Cantonese slang for foreigners), adapted this classic memoir into a solo drama in which Sandt “shifted between characters and languages with remarkable agility and competence, conveying affection without overweening nostalgia.” (South China Morning Post). Showing remarkable range in playing multiple roles, Sandt “deftly negotiates the memoir’s toughest balance: a seamless integration of a precocious child’s vivid observations with the mature perception of an accomplished novelist.” (Financial Times).