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Founded by Orlean Lai, orleanlaiproject focuses in curating hybrid collaborations. In recent years, orleanlaiproject is keen in developing collaborative projects to explore new possibility of presentation formats and fuse the boundary of art forms and mediums

Was invited in 2014 to curate exhibition “Zoo as Metaphor” at Oi!- Oil Street Art Space. The project was an attempt in taking an exhibition space for experiential journey of narrative and performance. Since then, the production company has curated a few experiential exhibition projects. The latest curated intermedia collaborative performance – Claustrophobia (2017) has experimented in integrating installation, sonic writing and soundscape into a parallel narrative performance

Currently working on a new collaborative project – Songs of Portrait, to be premiered in 2018. In this production, documentary expands from the screen to live performance on stage, to intersect with experimental music and reinterpreted opera by illustrating performers’ lives and practices from traditions of Kunqu Opera, Noh Theatre and Italian Opera




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Vee Leong x Tam Wai-ping x Yuen Cheuk-wa

Claustrophobia is a journey through togetherness and solitude, across the realms of installation, soundscape, text and theatre. The performance is a paradox in dialogue: intimacy and claustrophobia. It is not only devised as content, but also developed as experiential form in the performance. Audience sitting collectively together in the theatre, yet isolated by headphones for the individual listening experience. The composition of soundtracks based on text, recorded sounds and a wider world of musicality offers a visual and pictorial soundscape that expands the imagination to the storytelling. It seems to be one’s dreams yet another’s memories, or indeed the collective reality of hope and amnesia of the city.

In this production, installation meets performance to create multi-layered narratives. Installation here reclaims its rule as a parallel means of storytelling in theatre, inviting spectators into the symbolic subconscious world of the creator and performers. Installation and soundscapes cooperates in polyphonic-like composition, in juxtaposing, confronting and defining each other in the process. Claustrophobia is a multi-channel performance, resulting in an experience that stimulates and expands the audience’s intersensory perception.