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Founded by Orlean Lai, orleanlaiproject focuses in curating hybrid collaborations. In recent years, orleanlaiproject is keen in developing collaborative projects to explore new possibility of presentation formats and fuse the boundary of art forms and mediums

Was invited in 2014 to curate exhibition “Zoo as Metaphor” at Oi!- Oil Street Art Space. The project was an attempt in taking an exhibition space for experiential journey of narrative and performance. Since then, the production company has curated a few experiential exhibition projects. The latest curated intermedia collaborative performance – Claustrophobia (2017) has experimented in integrating installation, sonic writing and soundscape into a parallel narrative performance

Currently working on a new collaborative project – Songs of Portrait, to be premiered in 2018. In this production, documentary expands from the screen to live performance on stage, to intersect with experimental music and reinterpreted opera by illustrating performers’ lives and practices from traditions of Kunqu Opera, Noh Theatre and Italian Opera




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