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Opera Hong Kong

Established in 2003, Opera Hong Kong is committed to enhancing the appreciation of opera art in Hong Kong and promoting local music talents

Artistic Director Warren Mok is a distinguished Hong Kong tenor who has performed frequently in leading opera houses throughout the world. He was awarded a Medal of Honour by the Hong Kong government in 2011 and is currently one of China’s Three Tenors

Committed to the mission of enhancing the appreciation of the art of opera in Hong Kong and promoting local musical talents. Launched “The Jockey Club Opera Hong Kong Young Artist Development Programme”, a 3-year opera training programme, in 2015 to nurture professional young local artists

In addition to staging operas, concerts and commissioning new works to enrich the local art scene, educational programmes and outreach activities are also organised regularly to reach the young population. Opera Hong Kong Chorus and Opera Hong Kong Children Chorus were established in 2004 and 2008 respectively and are becoming recognised forces in the local choral scene




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Dr. Sun Yat-sen

A commissioned work in 2011, Dr. Sun Yat-sen tells the story of the founding father of the Republic of China, Dr. Sun, who met Charlie Soong in Shanghai. Sharing the same patriotic beliefs, the two became firm friends. Yet, the friendship faltered when Sun fell in love with Soong’s second daughter, Chingling. Sun lost an important supporter of his revolutionary activities and a good friend. Sun and Chingling’s subsequent efforts to overthrow the government had not been met with success, but their vision never wavers. Just as they were deep in insurgent activities, Soong was very ill and dying. Although Sun did not make it in time to seek final reconciliation, a gift from Charlie, though belated in coming, showed that he did not take the grudge to his grave. Once again, their destinies were brought together as one.