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YAN Wing-pui, Olivia

Artistic Director of O Theatre Workshop and Dionysus Contemporary Theatre. A renowned multi-talented artist in the field of Asian contemporary theatre, Yan is a rare hybrid of playwright, director, actress, educator and writer

Works are known for their deep insights with a poetic style. Recent works include Wild Boar (Hong Kong Arts Festival 2012), EQUUS (starring stage veteran Anthony Wong and singer Hins Cheung), The Story After Ah Q (presented in Singapore, Taipei and Hong Kong to critical acclaim)

Recently co-stars with stage veteran Anthony Wong, Poon Chan-leung, and actress Sandra Ng in The God of Carnage written by Yasmina Reza and receives wide acclaim

Won three acting awards as Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress at the Hong Kong Drama Awards (1993, 2000, 2005). Received Rising Artist Award (Drama), Hong Kong Arts Development Awards (2003); and Award for Best Artist (Drama), Hong Kong Arts Development Awards (2014)




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Black Monday

“Are you living your dream?” is the question behind six dark-humoured, interwoven tales about handling the harshness of reality.

A woman is driving to work one morning. She is listening to the radio playing “On a Clear Day” while thinking that life could not get any worse when a body suddenly lands in front of her car. She is shaken. However, her initial shock soon gives way to selfish anger as she begins to blame the “jumper” for disrupting her schedule.

And so the story begins. On this “Black Monday”, a group of people struggle with their jobs. They work to live, but should work really stop them from living? Who will survive in the end?