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09 Move in Dance Theatre

09 Move In Dance Theatre gathers and provides young talented artists a platform and all-round technical support to develop their own pieces through various projects

Performances fascinate the audience with collaboration of technical theatre and contemporary dance

Vision of creative lighting, video, set, stage effect, props and installation etc. leading to new artistic angles and enhancement in audience experience; an approach to explore the unlimited possibility of theatre art and to maximise the aesthetics in stage and dance to the fullest




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Stella Encounter with B-612

Whether your star is shining or glooming, moving or standing still, it is your star. Fill it with a million fragments of life, color it with joy, solitude, peace, vagrancy, insouciance, dullness, fabulousness…

On a circular stage and surrounded by a train set and musical bottles, the starry universe in Le Petit Prince is vividly visualised with well-designed light effect.

There is only one life to live on the star. Name it B612 or any other name; you are the only prince or the only rose to rock it before it is too late.