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Mobius Strip Theatre

Founded in 2005 corresponding to the idea of the circular, never-ending “strip”.  Mobius Strip Theatre consists of artists from various countries and cultures including Malaysia, Taiwan and Hong Kong. The Company provides a creative platform for the potential of integrating various fields that might appear to be radically different from one another initially

In pursuit of artistic traditions and of developments in contemporary theatre. Demonstrates new approaches in combining drama, physical movement, spiritual reflections and use of multi-media in theatre

Returns to the essence of theatre: a mixture of its sacredness, as well as its play. The works reflect upon life, while defining a new kind of lively relationship between space and performance, between performer and audience




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Distortion City

The performance brought together songs of Taiwanese indigenous culture, modern dance, Eastern drums and live-capture interactive video installation for an interdisciplinary theatrical adventure. Written and directed by Taiwanese digital artist Jinyao Lin, the show features content created on the spot with the stage transformed into a vibrant space through projection. The indigenous artists’ stentorian voices also provided a rich tapestry of sound, a feast for the audience’s soul.

Distortion City is a reinstallation of the linearity of time, where the limitless possibilities of the future can be based on historical foundations. Whereas the average new media theatre may run the risk of replacing the pureness of art with technology thus creating shallow results, this show wishes to use technology to imbue traditional art with new meaning and new symbols.