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Metro-HoliK Studio

Founded in 2010 by Chan Cheuk-wai Octavian, winner of Award for Young Artist (Drama), Hong Kong Arts Development Awards (2007); Choy Chak-man,Sam, RTHK co-host of We Are Family, an LGBT-friendly programme dedicated to gender issues, and Best Supporting Actor (Comedy/Farce) at the Hong Kong Drama Awards 2015; and Pak Li, winner of 2013 Hong Kong Theatre Libre for Best Screenplay

Artistic Advisor: Lo Koon-Lan, Senior Lecturer at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts

Productions have received both critical and popular acclaim. Original production So Long, Farewell! H.K. received nomination for Best Supporting Actor (Tragedy/Drama) at the Hong Kong Drama Awards 2013. It also won Best Screenplay and received three additional nominations at the 2013 Theatre Libre




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A Glimpse of Heaven

“Clinging to the only thing in the past, to make up for the incomplete love”

The story follows the endlessly ongoing connections between a pair of separated lovers who were first loves to each other. Though both of them have found new lovers and been in and out of love through the years, a subtle strand still links them to each other in body and in soul.

They met up throughout the years, they stayed together, they talked, and they slept together… with a taste of heaven…or not?

Is it because of the little love that remains? Or is it because there is still a little bit of jealousy, frustration, guilt, revenge, inferiority complex…between them?