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Matthew CHENG

A veteran theatre professional, Matthew Cheng is a playwright, actor and director, having received an MFA degree in Playwriting from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts.

Cheng received the accolade of Outstanding Young Playwright at the 12th Hong Kong Drama Awards. He also received the Award for Outstanding Young Artist (Drama) at the Hong Kong Arts Development Awards 2007. His work Feb 14 was nominated the Best Script at the 16th Hong Kong Drama Awards. The Last Supper was awarded the Best Script at the 21st Hong Kong Drama Awards and the 4th Hong Kong Theatre Libre.

Cheng currently teaches playwriting at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts’ EXCEL and Macao Conservatory. His work includes The Bloody Hell, Feb 14, The Last Supper, The Sin Family, and Auspicious Day.




The Last Supper, The Sin Family, Auspicious Day.

The Last Supper; Behind Hong Kong’s prosperity, a group of lower-class citizens still strive for bare sustenance. Facing such problems as poverty, unemployment and family violence, the idea of suicide comes to a mother and son at the same time.

The Sin Family; One evening, when he is deeply in “lesson” with his beautiful tutor, the doorbell rings. His mother comes home, soon followed by his father. Suddenly, the family is reunited after a long separation. At this whimsical moment, the young master decides it is time for an ultimatum, and he will settle his negotiation with his parents once and for all.

Auspicious Day; Turning traditional rituals on their heads, this story bids a gentle farewell although a daughter does not marry. Mother and daughters pour their hearts out with astounding secrets in a bedroom