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Veteran creative writer focused on playwriting while covering genres including stage plays, television scripts, fiction, reporting literature and arts reviews

Received Master of Fine Arts (Major in playwriting) from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts with distinction. Wrote dozens of plays and screenplays for television, and won Youth Literary Awards for his previous works. Won Best Playwright at the 2010 Hong Kong Theatre Libre for Aroma in the Dust

Recurring theme of his works are all-encompassing love and true love, gearing towards issues on sustainable lives, minority and social justice

“Mandu Shed of Creation” established by Mandu and wife Dr Eva Lai. The group is small and low profile while putting forward projects to help children with autism and their family with drama and sustainable living




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A variation of Zhang Xueliang

The play was produced by the Pants Production at the Dr Sun Yat Sen Museum in 2011. It was nominated for Best Performance, Best Play, and Best Stage Effect at the 2011 Hong Kong Theatre Libre. The play is about the famous Chinese warlord Zhang Xue Liang, and reflects on the present world situation with Zhang’s story. Zhang was the effective ruler of northeast China and much of northern China after the assassination of his father on 1928. Zhang later spent over 50 years under house arrest and is regarded as a patriotic hero.

The play fully utilises the characteristics of the museum and guided the audience around the venue.  It was an excellent example of site-specific theatre and ideal for performances in museums or galleries.