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“Lo Tung Lo”
Percussion Group

Established in 2014 and focused on performances and study of traditional Chinese drum culture. Aims to create unique drum music with unique Hong Kong elements, and to demonstrate both traditional and creative percussion music to the audience

Composed of experienced local percussionists including Principal Percussion of the Hong Kong Sinfonietta, Director of Refiner Drums Percussion Group, Director of Progressive Percussion Band, Principal Percussion of the Windpipe Chinese Music Ensemble and President of The Moving Drums

Plays a comprehensive range of music genre spanning both classical and modern music. Programme includes traditional Chinese percussion music works such as A Golden Pheasant Flying out of the Mountain and The Ox Fighting the Tiger, as well as compositions by group members including Touch Wood and One Hundred Years of Solitude

Recent performances include RTHK Artist-in-Residence concert, PAKHO COLORS OF LIFE CONCERT 2014, and concert held at Chinese University of Hong Kong




The Ox Fighting
the Tiger

The Ox Fighting the Tiger is a drum duo with a striking name and a strong character, in which yin and yang are exposed in the technique. The musical vocabulary is largely drawn from large-scale chegu style ceremonial drumming, and through interlocking and opposed drum patterns.

Through three stages of “meeting”, “playing” and “doing battle”, The music reveals to the audience the ox’s ferocious strength and the tiger’s martial valor.