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Graduated from Guangdong Dance School (2007) and offered full scholarship in the 4-year dance programme of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (HKAPA), and received Bachelor of Fine Arts (First Class Hons, Chinese Dance) in 2011

Debut in Pulsate choreographed by Xing Liang at Hong Kong Cultural Centre (2011). Since then, Li danced in and created performances for many groups and festivals including the HKAPA, City Contemporary Dance Company, Mindelcat Theatre Arts Festival in Capo Verde, Africa (2013), Edinburgh Fringe Festival (2014), Huayi-Chinese Festival of Arts in Singapore (2013), Kuandu Arts Festival in Taiwan (2014) and Seoul International Dance Festival (2015)

Made film debut in Passing Rain (2016). Li choreographed, performed and co-produced several dance and music films that toured film and art festivals in Hong Kong, San Francisco, London and Amsterdam. His dance film Let’s Say was screened at Amsterdam Cinedance Festive (2015) and Far East Film Festival in Udine, Italy (2015)




Here is it

A live rock show always stirs me. In that moment, it is as though the band members have infinite freedom, and they are enjoying it. Breaking free of all life’s shackles, throwing away those shallow facades, hypocrisies & pretensions. Humanity manifests itself at that very moment. This time, I want to use a different stage, in a different way to present the most genuine attitude of those of our age towards the world. Perhaps the elements that are about to happen on stage at one point in the past or future, are truths tucked away in the depths of your heart.

Credit photographer © Keith Hiro Photo provided by Hong Kong Arts Festival