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LEUNG Kim-fung

After graduation from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (Chinese Dance), Leung is currently pursuing the Master of Fine Arts Degree (Performance) in Taipei National University of the Arts (School of Dance)

Joined Meimage Dance in 2013 and performed in My Dear, choreographed by Ho Hsiao-mei, at the National Theater in Taipei

During his study in Taiwan, Leung was awarded the Master’s Degree Outstanding Overseas Student Award, PhD and Masters Scholarship, and Guangdong Association Scholarship

Performed in England, Japan, Australia, China, Taiwan and Hong Kong




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Kala is a performance of small space with the term itself being a Chinese vernacular describing narrow spaces or wall corners. It describes the desire towards the wide expanse of sky and the sun while remaining at a cramped wall corner. For the detainee confined in the space, the inner struggle and weeping may be the catalyst to getting out of the status quo. When hope is gone, he allows himself to be blinded and be oblivious to the world outside.

The dance piece alludes to the numerous high-rise buildings in Hong Kong. For people living in this “concrete jungle” constantly striving for survival, even a trace of sunlight penetrating the skyscrapers will be impetus for people to fly high.