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LAU Wai-ming

Cantonese opera artist specialising in scholar-warrior roles. Key member in multiple Cantonese opera associations and committees. Also a veteran educator and arts advisor on Cantonese opera for children and youth

Received the Rising Artist Award (Xiqu), Hong Kong Arts Development Awards (2003)

Invited to represent and perform Cantonese opera in Beijing (2011); Performed in England, United States, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, and China. Lau travels to different part of the world each year to preserve the rich heritage of the Chinese performing arts

Collected numerous awards of excellence and dedication to the arts of Cantonese opera in Canada and the United States




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Tea Boat

This Cantonese opera attracted audiences of this genre and art lovers in general. It tells the story of courtesan So Siuhing and poet Sheung Jim, who never met but admired each other through poetry. By the time they met and recognised each other, So was sold to a tea merchant and she was forced to leave with the merchant by his tea boat. Sheung chased the tea boat and his lover, highlighting the romance of the love story. This performance is representative of Hong Kong Cantonese opera with abundant emotions, spectacular songs and beautiful body movements. The section Dreaming is a twenty-minute dance chapter whereas Chase Boat uses traditional opera movements to mimic two boats on the sea.