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LAM Chun-ho

Versatile performing artist as a performer, dance maker, movement coach for theatre works

Bears the vision of sharing cultural differences by looking for a universal language/symbol where artists and spectators could communicate

Received Diploma from Drama School and Dance School (Modern) at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, and Bachelor of Fine Arts (Choreography) from Codarts University, Rotterdam (2010)

Choreography works presented in Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Beijing, Rotterdam, Den Haag, Utrecht and Amsterdam. Recent works include Even Odd commissioned by the Hong Kong Arts Festival 2014, Sew & Soul, (re)Pretext(re-work), Pretext, 27 and 27 scenes. Recently completed artist-in-residence programme with Connecting Spaces and Zürcher Hochschuleder Künste in Zurich. Lam worked with 10 Swiss artists in multi-discipline piece Odd Couplings during his residency





27 explores the possible representation of matters and objects people are familiar with.  Food is something we cannot live without. We cannot be too careless about it and always ask if something is edible. How do we know the food is safe to eat?

Lam wishes to challenge this question by presenting cakes and chocolates made of soap which looked real and edible. Is what we see the reality indeed?

To make reality more eccentric, live video and interactive projection are extensively used, with cameras capturing moments behind the set and zooming into things that the audience are unaware of.

The stage expressions reinforce the theme that the ever-changing world is re-interpreting itself every second to make life more exciting. Are people being confused or surprised? Are there consequences that people have missed out?

credit photographers: © Carmen So