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YU Yan-wah, Jacky

Founder of E-Side Dance Company in 1988. Awarded the Lee Hysan Foundation Fellowship of Asian Cultural Council in 1990 and furthered his studies in the United States

Yu’s works have been staged by Cloud Gate Dance Theater, Guangdong Modern Dance Company, City Contemporary Dance Company, and the HKAPA. Outstanding works include Key to Songs, Dog Blood Rising, Private Moment, Paradoxical Illusion, Gestalt and Converging Beams

For the choreography of Toppling the World, one of his representative productions, Yu received the Hong Kong Dance Award 2006 for its outstanding creativity and vigourous dance movements

In 2012, Yu was the recipient of the Secretary for Home Affairs’ Commendation Scheme for his contribution to the promotion of culture and the arts. He was also awarded Artist of the Year (Dance), Hong Kong Arts Development Awards (2015)




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Converging Beams

Converging Beams was an extolled work that premiered in 2011 and re-ran in 2015. It became one of the representative works choreograhed by Jacky Yu. Layers on the stage were constructed with the transmission of light beams, accentuated by light-emitting props designed by Jacky Yu and physical movements to reveal imagery of illumination.

From solo, duet, trio to ensemble performances, this work displays intelligent and intricate visual aesthetics emerging from diverse combinations: smooth yet complex movement structures and glimmered light beams transforming into energy that flows between brightness and rhythmic variations on stage.

Photographer © Mark Lam